The body to body massage Barcelona is an erotic experience that if you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend you to do it. In Rambha, we offer you a relaxing massage by our professional masseurs and enjoy a unique experience.

Body to body massages Barcelona in Rambha Massages

The boom of erotic massages is a reality. More and more people are stepping out of their comfort zone and letting themselves go, trying new things. This is an example of this, since it can be very pleasant and beneficial.

As for its characteristics, it is a relaxing massage in which the two bodies are in contact. That is, it is completely skin to skin, so that the person who is going to realize the masseuse has full contact with the masseuse.

It is also considered a mixture of massage techniques, such as sensitive and relaxing, because it somehow has a bit of each of these modalities. At the end of the day, the aim is to have pleasure while relieving stress and relaxing the body, a unique experience.

Its main peculiarity is its smooth and harmonic movements. In this type of massage, there is no abrupt change of pace and no contact with the skin, which helps to maintain balance and relax the muscles. It transports us to a pleasant state in which many love to be and from which they do not want to move.

History of body-to-body massage

Body to body massage is a unique form of therapeutic and sensual touch that has been around for centuries. Its history dates back to ancient Eastern cultures such as India, China and Japan, where it was used as a ritual practice for spiritual well-being. Body massage developed from the Indian“Ayurvedic” system, in which therapeutic massage was used to balance the three doshas or constitutional-type energies of the body.

In China, physicians used the masseur for physical healing, balancing qi (energy flow) and correcting imbalances in the body’s yin and yang polarities. Over time, this type of Relaxing massages spread to Western civilization in the form of Swedish masseur.It became popular as an alternative therapy with healing benefits, providing slow, steady movements that stimulated blood circulation and helped reduce muscle tension. Skin-to-skin massage has stood the test of time and continues to be used in various cultures around the world as an effective way to promote health, relaxation and well-being .


What are the benefits of this type of Relaxing massages? The truth is that it is a modality that helps us to maintain mental and physical balance and improve body relaxation. It is a way to connect better with our inner self, with ourselves, which also makes us free, disconnect and feel better.

In fact, it is proven to reduce anxiety, stress, improve the physical level and release accumulated tensions. The person somehow rises, gets carried away and relaxes, making him/her like in a cloud, enjoying the moment and forgetting about everything else. This favors a state of calm and helps to improve the mood, to be better and happier. It is a relaxing experience of the highest quality, undoubtedly one of the best body treatments.

Another great advantage is that the breathing process is improved. Learning to breathe is fundamental for our daily life, for life in general. But in this type of massage is more fundamental, because it is done from the diaphragm and that helps to improve anxiety levels and feel better.

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Now that you know how pleasurable it can be and know its benefits, surely you want to try to see what it feels like to receive a massage of this typewhere the skins rub together and the temperature rises.

It is a type of erotic massage very demanded and that can make you enjoy a lot, feel pleasure and know more about yourself. In addition to all its demonstrable benefits, because it helps you to improve your mood and leave stress behind.

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