Do you want to try the experience of sensory massage Barcelona? This is a type of massage that can help you release tension, stress and connect with your inner self, entering into a long period of relaxation and meditation. If you are interested, come and try it at Rambha Massages.

Sensitive massage Barcelona in Rambha Massages

The Sensitive Massage is a type of erotic massage which draws from various disciplines with the objective of establishing a connection between the person and his or her inner self. It is something like a meditation in the form of a massage, since it is relaxing and takes the person to a state similar to that of meditation.

In this type of service we follow an integral technique that works the body as a whole, in the form of mind-body. In search of a connection, of being one. It is also performed in the form of long, short and combined massages, with varied rhythms.

To give this incredible service, not only different rhythms are mixed, but also thumbs, forearms, palms or even elbows are used. Let’s say, you play with the power of the hands to achieve maximum pleasure and not only that, but also. to relax the nervous system and eliminate flow the energy that the person has blocked.

But in addition, it is called sensitive because the masseuse is able to feel more than the patient could tell you through words. Therefore, it can be a pleasant therapy to release tensions through hand movements on the person’s own musculature.

In addition, during the sensitive massage, oil or cream is used oil or cream is used so that it flows through the body and the contractures can be decompressed, with that feeling of being “like new”, with a more relaxed body.

Advantages of sensory massage

A sensitive massage has many benefits for those who receive them. In fact, it is recommended in part because of these important health benefits.

First of all, the body gets relax and a greater greater well-beingThis is perfect to be clearer, more creative and perform better in the day to day, at work. Making you feel much better about yourself.

But among its other benefits, the Barcelona Sensitive Massages eliminate the problem of muscular contractures and allow the release of accumulated stress. This guarantees more well-being.

Circulation is also improved and lymphatic drainage is enhanced, along with significant joint relief and more mobility. joint relief and increased mobility. of the same. And if we add to this the fact that blood pressure can be better controlled, this is another important health benefit. Not only for pleasure.

But what are all these benefits due to? The truth is that the movements that are made in the body when a sensitive massage is given, move oil and promote skin oxygenation. They can even eliminate cellulite and other toxic residues that accumulate on the skin.

As a result, it also allows you to achieve a better appearance of the skin. This is one of the many benefits that we can achieve with this SERVICES that our masseuses, who are the best, will give you.

You can also ask us and we will advise you on the best erotic massage for you, depending on what you want to achieve or experience. Each has its advantages and can make you feel so much more relaxed, like new. But you can also complement it with all kinds of Relaxing massages.

Where to enjoy Relaxing massages?

At Rambha Massages, we offer a unique sensory massage experience that combines ancient techniques with modern methods to create a deeply relaxing and pleasurable experience. Our experienced masseuses will help you relax and release any tension, stress or muscle tension.

Sensitive massage services are an excellent way to relax and enjoy pleasurable sensations. These massages focus on touch, gentle pressure and fluid movements to release accumulated stress and tension in the body. Our specialist in traditional massages, offers a wide variety of massage techniques to release muscle tension, making the session a unique experience.

If you want to enjoy the best oriental massage service, we are waiting for you at Rambha Massages. Simply contact us or call us so we can schedule your massage session. We are waiting for you with your personalized massage.

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