Within the category of erotic massages, we find the lingam massage Barcelona lingam massage Barcelonaa type of massage that is very popular and that is focused on them… Do you want to know it?

What are lingam massages in Barcelona like?

Erotic massages have evolved to the point that sensuality has managed to merge with the spiritual, giving rise to very positive sensations, never before experienced by people

Through this massage, the recipient gives himself in body and soul, in exchange for living a great sensual and spiritual experience. All this from the best
erotic masseuses in Barcelona
who offer anunforgettable unforgettable experience.

In the lingam massage Barcelona, what is achieved is to enter into a state of relaxation. state of relaxationand leave stress and worries aside. In addition, it is a way for the person who receives it to connect more with himself, with his inner self.

It is important to mention, that it is a type of erotic massage that causes a lot of intrigue and curiosity, and that is due to one reason. What is achieved by receiving it, is to open a new source of sexual pleasure that was not known.

Thanks to this type of experienceAlthough it is for everyone, it is focused on those who seek to relax, connect with their “inner self” and increase sexual desire. In fact, it can be very positive if you have a partner.

How to give it?

To be able to give the lingam massage BarcelonaIt is important to be a specialized masseur, as our masseuses are. We know that training and experience are key, as well as preparing the environment for the massage.

What we do is to decorate a space with all the details, following a Buddhist style, since it works and is more relaxing. To do so, we take care of every detail, with relaxing music, aromatherapy, candles, etc…… Let’s say that nothing is left to chance, but that a protocol is followed…

The key to prepare the room for the massage is that the environment is ideal to receive this type of massage and that it works, because it is a way to connect mentally and spiritually, and to have physical pleasure.

Once the space is prepared, the masseuse caresses the sexual organ of the person receiving it. All this without feeling pressure, without reaching orgasm… Although it can be reached, but it is not the goal. Let’s say, it is not the end or the goal, but its objective is to achieve a state of excitation.

To begin the massage, it is necessary to undress completely, lie down and open the legs by bending the knees a little and leaving the genitals exposed. The massage begins on the penis

The masseuse applies lubricant and testicles, while slowly caressing the area. The same is also done for the pubis, perineum and pelvic floor. The aim is to make you relax, to make you enjoy yourself…

The pressure exerted and the speed are also alternated. The fact of changing the intensity makes it give more pleasure… to touch the sky.

To better understand what it feels like and why it is different from other types of erotic massage, it’s important to know that lingam means phallus and translates as “staff of light channeling energy and pleasure”. What is sought is to apply its benefits to the person who receives it.


What are the advantages of lingam lingam massage? With this type of service, the aim is to relax the man so that he can reach a state of relationship and achieve sexual arousal. But, as we mentioned, it is not aimed at reaching orgasm or ejaculation.

The key is to exploring the erogenous zones to discover new forms of pleasure.. The aim is not only to relax the body and eliminate stress, but also for the man to find himself and get to know himself better, so that he can enjoy himself at home when he has sex with his wife or partner.

If we summarize its benefits, we highlight:

  • You can get to know yourself more sexually
  • You are able to heal any sexual trauma you may have suffered
  • New ways of feeling pleasure are explored
  • A new experience
  • Saying goodbye to bad energies
  • Stress disappears
  • Healthier mind

Its benefits are so many that to enjoy them in first person it is essential to let yourself go and come and enjoy this exquisite experience..

Where to receive it?

Do you want to try what it feels like to receive a lingam massage in your own flesh? lingam massage? It is not a taboo subject. Now you can come to see us and we will schedule an appointment for one of our best masseuses to do it for you. You will notice its benefits and you will surely see how it changes your life.

You are one step away from everything changing. Would you like to try it?

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