This type of massage comes from Japanese culture and is very beneficial. If you want to try it and have a Nuru massage Barcelona, we are waiting for you at our centre. At Rambha Massages, luxurious and fully equipped facilities await you, as well as the company of sensual and beautiful masseuses.

Nuru Massage Barcelona in Rambha Massages

When we talk about nuru massage, we refer to a treatment that is slippery. What does this mean? When the erotic model performs it, she moves along the body of the person receiving the massage, using both hands and her own body, making it a more pleasurable experience.

But in order to be able to slide, what she does is to use oil. That is to say, using special oils for this type of massage, the masseuse is placed on the patient’s body and moves to every corner, making them feel great pleasure.

But not all nuru massages are the same, because it depends a lot on the professional who does it, her experience, her knowledge, her hands, etc. The nuru massage that we offer from our centre is based on the use of oils and so we can feel the masseuse sliding over our body.

Normally, the body is placed on top of the person receiving the massage and moves in a specific way to give great pleasure in return. After all, it is a pleasurable sensation that everyone is looking for after a long day of work or stress. There are even those who practice it with their partner or before initiating a sexual act.

What is clear is that the success of this type of Japanese massage all over the world is no coincidence, because it is a way of being able to feel the other person and receive a great warmth and a great feeling of pleasure when the naked bodies come into contact with each other. Because you can feel a lot without having sexual intercourse with another person.

For this reason, more than a massage, many define it as a holistic treatment in which the senses are tuned up to bring in the “inner self”. This helps you to focus on what really matters to you and feel more special.

Moreover, it can be practised in a massage room or on a personal bed. In fact, in our erotic massage centre we have facilities with everything you need to give massages, as well as erotic masseuses. But you can enjoy this experience in our traditional beds, futons or massage tables.

Advantages of Nuru massage

Erotic massages have multiple benefits. They are not just for pleasure, but also have health benefits for people.

In the case of this type of massage, it reduces the stress of the person who undergoes it. But it is especially effective for eliminating anxiety and relaxation because more than just the two hands are used, the body is also massaged.

Among its other benefits, it is interesting for a better sexual act, since it increases libido if practised before having sex. It is also a way of getting to know yourself better, your weaknesses, to know what you like best.

Another advantage is the way in which it is performed, because it does not require materials that are difficult to obtain. Simply the oil, which is the key to be able to practice this type of massage compared to others.

Its benefits are so extensive and abundant that it has become a truly popular erotic massage. In fact, there are those who want to practice it and do not have a stable partner for it, but that is not a problem, because you can hire the services of an erotic masseur to enjoy them.

It is a type of Japanese massage that has already become a trend in our country, because it is already part of our wellbeing, to relax and eliminate the stress that increasingly knocks on our door and prevents us from being well.

Where to enjoy Nuru Massage in Barcelona?

If you are looking for an erotic massage centre in Barcelona, you should know that at Rambha Massage the most beautiful and sensual masseuses are waiting for you, ready to make you spend an unforgettable moment and try this type of massage.

Just make an appointment and we will take care of everything else; prepare the room for you to enjoy and repeat as many times as you want. We are waiting for you in our centre to surprise you with the best nuru massage…

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